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Hi, nice to see you around here!

My name is Alba, and I am a photographer and filmmaker currently living in Madrid. 


If I could briefly describe my work, I would say is the attempt  to mix my three main passions: music, film and photography.

Throughout my journey, I have worked as a filmmaker for various brands including Boiler RoomDomestika or Siroko, where I focused on shooting online content and e-commerce projects. However, my creative ambitions extend beyond corporate work.

Driven by my desire to explore new avenues, I delved into nightclub photography and filmmaking, immersing myself in a captivating world filled with emotions, feelings, and enchantment.

The impact of music on the human body is truly massive, observing how it resonates within individuals, causing vibrations and bringing emotions to the surface. And this is where I find great inspiration, capturing these moments through my lens and sharing them to the audience.

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